Terms and conditions of sale

Terms and conditions of sale
CiTRON European USB Warehouse

I. Definitions

In these Regulations were contained the following definitions:
Civil Code Act dated 23 April 1964 (Journal of Laws of 1964, No. 16, item 93, as amended);
Customer - an entity purchasing goods from CiTRON BTL, being an entrepreneur within the meaning of the Act on Freedom of Economic Activity of 2 July 2004 and the Civil Code dated 23 April 1964.
CiTRON - CiTRON  BTL Magdalena Owczarska
Regulation - this regulation.
The agreement - the rules of purchase / sale of goods offered by CITRON, to which the Act of 23 April 1964 - Civil Code applies
Order - orders placed according to the rules specified in the Regulations.

II. General conditions

These Regulations are addressed to all Customers of CiTRON company. It identifies the principles of purchasing and selling the goods from CiTRON and rules for placing the orders; the terms of payment for the ordered goods, the terms of implementation of the orders; rules of delivery and receipt of goods; information on the guarantee on goods; rules for the submitting of complaint goods and claims handling.

III. Placing the orders

1. Orders are accepted only in the form of an email to the email address of CiTRON sales, indicated on the website www.citron.pl in the "contact" section. By the final acknowledgement of the order shall be understood the order acceptance by the worker of the Sales department in CiTRON company.
2. If the purchaser is in arrears with payments, CiTRON reserves the right to suspend the acceptance for the next orders until the outstanding debts will be paid.
3. Aquired goods remains the property of CiTRON, until the full payment for goods will be made.
4. Order can not be canceled during its implementation.
5. The piece of information contained in the order is binding  the parties from the moment of sending the order by the Customer and confirmation of its receipt by the CiTRON. By the moment of placing the order, Customer accepts these Terms and conditions of sale.

IV. Rules for obtaining trade credit:

1. For obtaining the trade limit, between counterparties must exist history of cooperation. Insurance covers the Customers who in the past twelve months, purchased the goods from CiTRON  and covered the payments no later than 30 days after the date of payment.
2. To counterparties that could demonstrate a positive history of cooperation shall obtain the trade limit in the amount of EUR 2,000 for a period of 14 days.
3. If Customer do not settle the payment within the mentioned period, then will be started the process of debt collection will be started, which is at 29th day from the date of payment.
4. On the30th day after the invoice due date collapse
1. The counterpart is reported to recovery
2. The counterpart can not make any future purchases at CiTRON company.

V. Delivery and receipt

1. Receipt of the goods is possible in the office of CiTRON company.
2. In other cases, the goods are delivered to the address indicated by the Purchaser.

VI. Prices and payment methods

1.Prices of goods are given in the relevant pricelist for each group of products, and then confirmed by an employee of the Sales Department of CiTRON company. The pricelist is available for our Customers on our website (after logging  into the service) or transferred, at the request of the Customer, by an employee of the Sales Department. Citron reserves the right to change prices. The prices on the pricelist are NET prices (excluding VAT). Prices do not include the cost of shipments. These prices are binding  the parties from the moment of confirmation of the order by CiTRON and  the advance payment has been made by Customer on account of orders / price will not change after this time /.
2. As the date of payment by bank transfer is considered the date of supply on CiTRON bank account.
3. Due to the fact that prices depend on actual currency value and components prices, the pricelist are edited every Monday or more frequently.
Therefore, please always confirm the price on the date of the order.

VII. Complaints and warranty

For the sold goods CiTRON guarantees the following products and periods:
a) 24 months - on USB sticks
b) 12 months - to other devices from the offer of CiTRON company.
2. CiTRON guarantees the quality of the goods in accordance with their purpose and without the legal defects. The customer is entitled to make a complaint-in the case of determination the defects of  the goods by the above dates. Upon discovery of the physical defect of the goods by the Customer's recipient. The Customer's recipient has a right to submit a complaint at the dates as referred in this paragraph of the contract. Keeping the deadlines as referred to above gives the right to a call on the guarantee. The customer is obliged to inform his recipients about the terms of warranty.
3. CiTRON considers the complaint without undue delay and respectively exchange the product for a new or dismiss of the complaint.
4. The customer is obliged to use the goods in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. Incorrect use, including the launch, releases CiTRON of liability under the warranty.
5. Rights under the warranty do not exclude rights under the warranty for faults as defined in the Civil Code.
6. Making a complain, in which every part of the goods does not relieve the customer of the payment for the goods by the date indicated on the VAT invoice.
7. CiTRON confirms receiving of the complaint by e-mail and / or phone specified in the order contact details.
8. Claimed goods should be sent immediately, but no later than 3 days from discovery of the defect,to  the address of  CITRON. Shipping costs are paid by the customer.
9. CiTRON considers the complaint as fastas possible, immediately.
10. In an event of accepting the complaint, costs of delivery of defect-free goods are covered  by  CiTRON.

These Regulations shall enter into force on 01.03.2016.